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Previous Development Work

Just a small portfolio of projects, applications and websites I've been apart of. I've also done work with social media and email marketing.

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The Option Crew

The Option Crew is founded by traders from shops like Optiver, Citadel, IMC, and Akuna amongst others in order to help the average guy trade options. If you’re sick of reading DD on wallstreetbets and tired of feeling like your trades are red or black at the casino, then this is the group for you.

Learn all about options from experienced market makers and high-frequency traders from the world’s biggest trading firms. Get updated information on how global news is moving derivative markets, trade recommendations direct from the experts themselves, and 1 on 1 advice on how to improve your options trading!

Ticket Utils Point of Sale

Ticket Utils Point of Sale is free enterprise level ticket broker software. Used by the largest brokers in the industry, our software provides the reliability needed to speed up your business operations. Through bulk processes that increase efficiency we can help decrease your workload. Ticket Utils offers automated inventory distribution to every major marketplace. After a sale, our Autohold feature automatically removes inventory from all marketplaces, ensuring you don’t sell the same tickets twice.

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The Most Powerful Ticket Sales Tool. Ever.

Rescue Meet

The entire world of Live Entertainment is in distress.  Concerts and Sports are canceled, theaters are closed.  Together, as an industry, we need to develop a plan to start over.

We had our conference on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 from

9:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time. We discussed how Live Entertainment companies interact and how they engage with fans.  This break from performances gives us time to make needed changes to how we as an industry operate.  Here is one of the highlight videos:

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Fuller Facts

uller Associates Consulting brings honest analysis and straight forward discussions about the issues facing your business.  We work to solve critical issues with our clients. Our unique approach is what differentiates us. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help facilitate change, reduce the cost of customer acquisition, improve engagement, and develop strategies to optimize your performance and productivity.

The Daily Headliner

The Daily Headliner was created as a one-stop source for entertainment industry news. We cover everything from music to event touring. We bring you trending news topics, tour announcements, industry tips, original articles, as well as quirky content all in one place. Whether you are a music fan, industry insider, broker, or artist, we curate the daily content you crave and need.

Join our Newsletter email list for a daily rundown of the latest industry news and trends and follow us on social media. Also if you have content ideas, want to contribute, or just want to connect directly with us, you can contact us at

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Custom Broker Tools

Built custom ticket brokering tools. Tools range from ticket drop checkers to data & analytics tools.


LuvSeats™ is taking the resale ticketing market to the next level by enabling during-the-event sales to happen between a ticket-holder who does not wish to use their seat (“no show” or “leave early”) and another ticket-holder looking for a better seat.

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Law Offices of Marjorie G. Fuller

The Law Offices of Marjorie G. Fuller provides experienced attorneys to assist throughout the trial and the appellate process, from the initial task of analyzing issues and planning the trial, through briefing and oral advocacy in the courts of appeal. We have handled over 750 appeals and writs throughout California, resulting in 60 published opinions (indicating important new rulings or new interpretations of law). We provide support in court and jury trials, consulting on issues and the presentation of evidence, preparing written briefs and motions, and participating in post-trial motions and the statement of the decision process.

Fuller Law Group

Fuller Law Group is oriented toward accomplishing the best possible results, balancing aggressive litigation with critical evaluation of the client’s risk, based on the facts of each individual case.

Our ethical and legal duty is to accomplish the best possible result for our client. We believe in diligence, teamwork, and attention to detail. To us, teamwork is the firm and the client working together to provide the best possible result. And while we believe aggressive handling results in the best results for our clients, we are also mindful of the economic costs of litigation. Our policy is to assist our clients in achieving their goals creatively and cost-effectively.

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The Orion Group

Founded by two business visionaries, who have both built their reputations on being a positive disruption in the secondary ticketing space.
Our first-hand knowledge of the ticketing space and technology fosters an environment of trust and ingenuity. We’re actively changing the course of the ticketing industry and giving the power back to the venues.

Ticket Info Hub

Ticket Info Hub - Your central space for everything ticket-related. View up to date event information, verified codes and local ticketing laws that impact our business. Leverage our pricing tools and connect with other brokers in the industry using our highly active broker forum.
Jump in, the water's warm. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, we've got everything you need to stay connected.

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